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Residential Locksmiths in Philadelphia

Residential Philadelphia Locksmiths at Your Service.

Don’t stay locked out of your home for long. Call us for your Philadelphia residential locksmith needs and we’ll be there to assist you.

Our experienced residential Philadelphia locksmiths are there for you no matter the situation. If your keys have gone missing or your locks are broken, our team of locksmiths will get you inside in no time.

Lockout Services in Philly

If you’re locked out, call our Philly residential locksmiths immediately. We’ll come quickly to unlock your house or garage door to let you in. Be sure to keep our number in your phone at all times. Our team is always ready at (215) 403-1141.
Installing Interior Door, Joiner Mount Knob with Lock

Lock Installation

You could be adding locks or simply upgrading your existing ones, but either way, we can make life easier for you. We’ll improve your home’s security and make sure lock installations are done correctly to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We can install any locks, including:
  • Door Bolt Locks
  • Doorknob Locks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Patio Door Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks

Lock Rekeying

Lost or stolen keys don’t have to result in you replacing your locks anymore. Instead, our Philly locksmiths will just replace your key. We rekey locks and create master keys for homeowners, real estate investors and tenants in Philadelphia.

Never worry about someone finding a lost key again. By changing the tumbler of your lock, we can make a new key operate the lock so that the lost or stolen keys are rendered useless.

Our lock rekeying service is particularly useful if you’ve just moved into a new house. It will help you keep intruders out and ensure you won’t receive any surprise visits from previous tenants, past roommates or former household employees.

Broken Key Extraction

Sometimes we unintentionally use too much force when turning our key and it breaks off in the lock. Don’t panic if this happens to you because our Philly residential locksmiths can extract broken keys from locks in a hurry.

Eviction Services

Eviction is an unfortunate part of owning a property, but it’s necessary from time to time. Our residential locksmiths can assist you by providing eviction services. We work with accounts of all sizes. For more information reach out to use via our online form.


Contact us for fast, efficient, and affordable residential lockout services. We also rekey and install any kind of lock to make your home a safer place.

Lock Out Services

Residential lockout service: $70 – $145
Storage lockout: $70 – $115
Eviction assistance services: $135 – $545

Master Keying

Lock re–key & master key: $15 – $40

Locks and Installation

Residential knob lock: $60 – $125
Residential deadbolt lock: $70 – $160
Residential jimmy-proof deadbolt: $80 – $190
Residential handle set: $170 – $265
Garage door locks: $60 – $235
Security door locks: $70 – $245
Electrical and mechanical keypad locks: $170 – $315
Mailbox lock: $40 – $70
Drilling door lock openings: $55 – $125